all -- a quickie (which, of course, will lead to all sorts of Gueller jokes...)

if you are reading this blog, please do not fail to click on the comments button beneath each post. apparently my skill in life is not so much prose as assembling friends with the gift of the blarney, for their responses are quite superior to my windbag exhalations.

in fact, in a kind of revisitation of the cain/abel myth, my semi-illiterate younger brother turns out not only to be a better writer than i, a better cook (by far), an almost equal scrabble player (and superior at catan), but also a dean!

he hoists me on my own petard! i'm slain by my kin! oh the injustice!

so, yes, read his comments and those of the rest of the sanctum sanctorum.

as to the picture, it is anatomically correct only in that he'd be the clothed and i'd be the naked one, as i spend most my life in the buff while apparently no mortal save himself and our rents has ever seen my brother naked.