post 8: interlude as prelude

Hello all

Arrived in cambodia. much, much, much to tell (and perhaps i'm somewhat less misanthropic than advertised). details to follow.

also, yes, that's my haircut. i forgot to mention that i got one. i splurged and spent $2.50 at a nicish men's place where i was offered my first manicure. i declined.

finally, if you don't already know, i'm a fundamentally lonely and massively insecure person in need of steady transfusions of affirmation; small surprise, then, that i check to see if the posts get any responses and light up when they do (even when i'm being scolded). i also light up upon receiving private emails, pictures, and cash contributions, as you prefer. thank you for caring.

post to follow, once i resolve some technical difficulties. poor fudgie...